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Sometimes opportunities move fast. One minute you are interviewing and the next you are starting your role the next day. It is such a great feeling; however, it can move so quickly that you realize later on you have questions that need to be answered. As Brilliant employees, we want to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed. Once you hit the 4-week mark with Brilliant, you will be receiving an Assignment Assessment questionnaire that will ask you to rate your role, the company you are at, and Brilliant. You will also have the opportunity to express any comments or concerns from your first 30 days. Please take the time to fill it out so that I can make sure if anything is not going 100% the right person will contact you to make it better.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns throughout the duration of your role, please contact me directly at

Chicago Employee Appreciation Night

Those of you working in downtown Chicago are in for a treat next month. We will be hosting Candidate Appreciation Night at Rock Bottom Brewery on Thursday, March 9 from 5-7pm. This event is intended for our working employees to mix and mingle over appetizers and drinks! Our Brilliant staff members will be present at the event as well, so in case you have never met your recruiter or business development staff member in person, now is your chance! By now you should have received a paperless post invite to your inbox with information regarding the event. Please RSVP no later than Friday, March 3. If you have not received an invite, please contact me ASAP.

Here’s what employees have said about past Candidate Appreciation Nights:

“I really enjoyed this event. Hope there will be more in the future. I like that each brilliant recruiter and business development manager took time out to reach out to me and ask me how my projects are going.”

“It was a pleasure meeting all of the Brilliant contractors and staff members. A lot of my questions were answered regarding the market trend involving employment and contract positons that could not have been answered in another setting and environment.”

Referral Program

Brilliant is always looking to meet more talented accounting and finance professionals. By enlisting a friend or family member to meet with one of our recruiters, you can make a friend or family member happy, and you get rewarded! When we are able to secure the first opportunity for someone you refer, Brilliant will send you a $30 gift card.

Please click the link below and list the name of the person you are referring as well as the best way to contact them (email or phone number) so that a Brilliant Recruiter can reach out ASAP. Let’s continue to grow and develop as a company, together!

Save the Date!

Networking Webinar

More Information to Come! 

Date: Tues, March 30 at 12pm (noon) (CST)

Hot Topic: Answering Tough Questions

Part One: When an employer asks you “tell me about yourself," what do you say? If you are anything like me, this can be the most difficult question in an interview. Ask me about my job responsibilities and I can paint a whole picture, but when this question presents itself I fear that I could go one of two ways. One I talk about my personal life and two I talk about my current job. The article below proves that I would fail at answering this question with both my responses because the correct answer stems from a Past-Present-Future formula. Please click the link below to learn the best way to answer this question.

Part Two: “Why should we hire you?” Another question that puts you in the hot seat. This is your chance to sell yourself into the role that you want! This is a very common question, and this is not a question that has a specific answer. The answer comes from you and your wants and needs with the next position. Please click the link below to read how to answer this question best.

Brilliant Financial Staffing Team List

Don’t forget if you have any questions about your opportunity, please refer to the contact list. You’ll be able to know who to direct your questions to and who can give you the quickest response!

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