Refresh for Spring!

It is time for some spring cleaning, and your job search is the best place to start. In Staffing Talk, I talk a lot about your job search and how to find a position that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. At Brilliant, we hope that your position is giving you the stepping stone you need to get to where you want to be, or that the position turns into a permanent role. Any resources we can provide to you we will as we are all colleagues! The article below talks about 4 ways to freshen up your search for the spring. Click below to learn more!

Encore Webinar! Social Media

The importance of Social Media as it relates to your job search has increased in recent years. Last November, Brilliant hosted a Webinar titled, “How to Effectively Use Social Media in your Job Search,” and we will be hosting an encore presentation next month. The webinar will cover various topics and specifically how to navigate your job search on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and job boards. The webinar also covers the following:

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of social media
  • What recruiters are searching for on social media
  • Why to use social media

The encore presentation will take place in mid-May, so make sure to look out for future emails! 

Candidate of the Month

Dan West is a Manager of Business Development in our Downers Grove office and has been working at Brilliant since December 2015. This month, Dan recommends Jan S. for candidate of the month.

“Jan has been working for us with a new client since the beginning of January. In little time, he has been able to turn around their Accounts Receivable function and has added value to my client's team. He continues to receive praise for the flexibility he provides them and even has received compliments from other managers within the accounting team. Thanks Jan for a job well done.” – Dan West

Hot Topic

The faster something gets done the better. However, it is important to be efficient, especially when you are about to submit your application for a position. Take a deep breath in and out and take the time to review what you are about to submit. Before someone gets to know you, they are going to evaluate the application being sent to them. And, this is all they have to grade you on! Your excitement for the role, knowledge of the responsibilities, or overall charm will not even be considered if you cannot get through step one of the application process. The article below from The Muse titled, “Your 5 Minute Checklist for Submitting a Perfect Job Application”, points out the subconscious on what you should be reviewing prior to clicking submit. Click the article below to learn more!

Referral Program

Brilliant is always looking to meet more talented accounting and finance professionals. By enlisting a friend or family member to meet with one of our recruiters, you can make a friend or family member happy, and you get rewarded! When we are able to secure the first opportunity for someone you refer, Brilliant will send you a $30 gift card.

Please click the link below and list the name of the person you are referring as well as the best way to contact them (email or phone number) so that a Brilliant Recruiter can reach out ASAP. Let’s continue to grow and develop as a company, together!

Brilliant Financial Staffing Team List

Don’t forget if you have any questions about your opportunity, please refer to the contact list. You’ll be able to know who to direct your questions to and who can give you the quickest response!

Click here to view the contact list

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