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Your Summer Search—Thursday, Aug. 10
When you have the choice between hanging out in the sun and starting your job search, the answer seems easy. Some may think the summertime is not an ideal time to open up your job search, but I challenge you to think differently! The Brilliant webinar series is back and we’re ready to talk about “The Summer Search” being held on Thursday, Aug. 10 at 12pm (Noon) (CDT). Please check your inbox, for an email that was sent out on Tuesday, July 25. If you are interested in registering, the webinar takes place during the lunch hour so you can dial in! If you are not available and are interested in hearing the webinar, please email me directly and I will send you the slides and recording after it airs.

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Candidate of the Month

This month, Tena West, a Recruiting Manager from our Fort Lauderdale office, has recommended not one, but two candidates. It was hard for her to choose, so I decided not to make her! Congratulations to Taeshon and Myown.

1. Taeshon has been working for one of our clients since May 2017. Taeshon was sourced from a competitor and was a break-through candidate to one of our most challenging roles. Both his tangible background and intangible dispositional qualities impressed the client which led to a quick placement, where he has been exceeding expectations ever since. Taeshon was flexible, communicative and a pleasure to work with. Since his placement, Taeshon has received all positive feedback and has been adding tremendous value to their team.

2. Myown has been working for one of our clients since March 2017. Myown was sourced, screened and started as a send-in, within 2 business days. His flexibility, positive attitude and excellent references have been instrumental to his continued success. On his assignment, Myown continues to receive praise and recognition as a promising and key new member of the team, expanding from mostly clerical responsibilities into a more diverse role, which is scheduled to become a permanent placement in the near future.

Hot Topic – LinkedIn Topics Not to Forget!

LinkedIn is the place to be for job seekers and recruiters. We often focus so much of our time updating our skills, past employment, and current employment, that we forget to modify the summary in our LinkedIn profile. A LinkedIn summary allows you to add your own creative touch that can make you stand out from other job seekers who may have the same job qualifications and responsibilities as you.

Please click the article below from Forbes to learn more about updating your summary. 


Another topic not to forget about in our LinkedIn profiles is recommendations. We become so focused on asking for our verbal references that we do not ask our manager, peers or friends to post on our LinkedIn profiles. When recruiters and employers look on our profiles, what is better than having a permanent stamp of approval for the world to see? Nothing! Please click on the article below from The Muse to learn more about asking for recommendations on LinkedIn.


Refer a Colleague!

Brilliant is always looking to meet more talented accounting, finance, and information technology professionals. By referring a friend or family member to meet with one of our recruiters, you can make a friend or family member happy, and you get rewarded! If we secure an opportunity for someone you refer, Brilliant will send you a $30 gift card.

Please click on the link below and list the name of the person you are referring and the best way to contact them (email or phone number) so that a Brilliant Recruiter can reach out ASAP. Let’s continue to grow and develop as a company, together! 


Brilliant Financial Staffing Team List

Don’t forget if you have any questions about your opportunity, please refer to the contact list. You’ll be able to know who to direct your questions to and who can give you the quickest response!

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